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Dating a Chinese lady

Our complete guide to dating a Chinese lady! Dating a Chinese Lady can be fun and exciting if you can familiarize yourself with the culture and traditional belief about love and romance. This is so because the Chinese way of dating is quite different from other parts of the world. Therefore, it is imperative a […]

New Visa Law and Procedures in Shanghai, China.

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security in Shanghai began implementing various changes to immigration procedures and rules. With the new policy, the Shanghai province administration government will reduce the conditions necessary for foreign expats to obtain permanent residency and simplify the application procedure for permanent residency. Visa On Arrival / Post Arrival Qualifying foreign nationals […]

Female Chinese students ‘asked to hand over nude photos to secure loans’

Female students in China are providing nude pictures as collateral for loans, according to reports. According to state media, some university students have sent photographs of themselves naked, holding identification cards, to potential lenders, in order to obtain higher loan amounts. The loan sharks threaten to send the pictures to their parents or publish them […]

Fruits in Thailand

Here is a list of fruits in Thailand: Rambutan: This fruit is bright red but you can also find orange and yellow varieties. Rambut means hair and the fruit can be a bit hairy. Rose apple: The Rose Apple is often seen in Thailand. Colors from bright red to pink or green, it is shaped like a bell and tastes […]

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