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Nightlife in Beijing

Nightlife in Beijing

Nightlife in Beijing

Nightlife in Beijing – Top Five Things You Must Never Miss Out In Beijing During Night!

The oriental city of Beijing has been China’s political, economic as well as cultural capital since ancient times. One of the main reasons why this city offers so many sightseeing and entertainment options is because of its contrasting attractions which are a unique blend of the very traditional and the ultra-modern. But if one wants to really experience this city in its true avatar, exploring the nightlife in Beijing is a huge must – for once you have taken in the myriad sights, tastes and senses of this mesmerizing city by night you are sure to fall in love with Beijing all over again!

The Five Best Activities when it comes to Nightlife in Beijing

As the sun sets upon Beijing’s horizon, the bustling metropolis gradually transforms itself into one of the most vibrant and exciting night-time destinations in China. So instead of checking into your hotel and calling it a day, the best way to experience a whole new side of Beijing is to plan an exciting night out in the town. And while there are numerous places to explore in the city, here are our top five must do things in Beijing by night that you just cannot miss out on!

1. Explore Beijing’s Myriad Nighttime Gastronomic Delights –Yes, Beijing has an amazing dining scene as the locals share a great fondness for eating out especially through the night. Whether you are keen on sampling the city’s street food, or want to tuck into famous Chinese delicacies like the Peking duck, most of the eating options in Beijing are of high quality and good value for money.

Top Recommendations

  • Donghuamen Night Food Bazaar – For the very best of street style Chinese eating, there is the famous food bazaar at Donghuamen which is an all exclusive nighttime eating hangout for locals as well as tourists. This place is located near the Wangfujing shopping street and is famous for its fried dumplings, lamb kebabs, Mantou or steamed buns and various tofu preparations.
  • Guijie – Ghost Street – True to its literal meaning, Guijie or Ghost Street comes alive at night and is the most popular nighttime eating places in Beijing. This place is located right behind the inner Dongzhimen street and some of the must have dishes here include spicy crayfish and lobster and roasted fish with chili sauce.


2.Treat Yourself To Beijing’s Vibrant Entertainment Scene – Beijing is an ancient city known to be more than 3,000 years old and it loves to showcase its culture and tradition in its full glory and pride! So when you are done with your day’s fill of sightseeing and shopping it’s a great idea to treat yourself to the nightlife in Beijing by exploring the city’s entertainment scene which is a unique experience on the whole!


Top Recommendations –

  • A Night at the Opera– Book a spot for yourself at Beijing’s revered Chang An Grand Theatre for an unforgettable opera show celebrating the ancient traditions of China.
  • Incredible Acrobatics– The Chinese are world famous for their passion and incredible talent in the field of acrobatics and luckily one can witness some of the best in the country in Beijing itself. The city is home to the Tiandi Theatre which runs some exhilarating night shows that will have you catching your breath in awe more than a few times!
  • Memorable Kung Fu Show– And while you are exploring Beijing’s entertainment scene how can be a Kung Fu show too far behind? Visit the city’s famous Red Theatre for a night full of exhilarating performances that will stay with you a long time after your Beijing holiday is over!


  1. Go Clubbing Oriental Style – While you are in the city you are likely to notice that there is a strong presence of clubs at almost every major area – thanks to the locals of Beijing who love to relax after a tiring day of work by unwinding in the best way possible!

Top Recommendations –

  • MixIf you want to go the most popular clubbing destination in Beijing then make sure to stop by Mix, which has a very trendy and almost always full dance floor and some great hip hop music all through the night.
  • ChocolateTo have a classier and elite clubbing experience the very exclusive Chocolate is the go to place in the city. You are sure to enjoy the décor as well as the funky music here which is mix of international as well as local favorites.
  • VicsLocals and frequent travelers to Beijing swear by this club which is somewhat of an icon amongst the city’s many clubbing venues. Vics is famous for hosting some of the best dance and rock shows in all of China, belting out a heady mix of soul, R&B, pop and reggae.


  1. Satiate Your Thirst in The Most Happening Bars – When you are out to experience the nightlife in Beijing, your trip can never be complete without a few visits to the city’s famous night bars. As the place has a very active drinking scene (especially in and around Sanlitun), bar hopping is one of the most favorite night time activities for locals as well as tourists in Beijing which is famous for its beers, sangrias and homemade rum infusions.

Top Recommendations –

  • Drum and Bell – If you are on the lookout for a quality bar with a great location, nothing can beat Drum and Bell for a truly memorable drinking experience. Flanked between the city’s famous Drum and Bell towers this bar offers a very relaxed atmosphere and some of the best cocktails in town!
  • Great Leap Brewing – If you are thirsty for the taste of some authentic beer, then the Great Leap Brewing will surely not disappoint you! Not only is this place one of the coolest nighttime hangouts in the city, it is it’s only microbrewery as well– a combination that is hard to beat for a memorable night out while holidaying in Beijing.


  1. Enjoy Beijing’s Vibrant Music Scene – Most travelers are surprised by the city’s intense music scene but Beijing has had a strong presence of musicians since the eighties. From rock to jazz and some really good electronica, this city has been wooing not only its locals but music lovers as well as artists from all over the globe since quite a few decades!

Top Recommendations –

  • Mao Livehouse – What better way to experience the nightlife in Beijing than being a part of a memorable gig at the Mao Livehouse! This cool music club is the best destination in the city for enjoying live music especially if you want to listen to some of Beijing’s best local musicians and singers.
  • Yugong Yishan – While the Mao Livehouse offers a more intimate live music experience to travelers, the Yugong Yishan is the best place to enjoy Beijing’s music scene if you are looking for a really exhilarating sensory experience.


With so many attractions on offer, the nightlife in Beijing is extremely active and vibrant. So go ahead and make sure that you experience Beijing in its entire nighttime splendor which is sure to lend a whole new dimension to your holiday!

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